Holistic Wellness Program

Personalized mind and body transformation. This program is designed for the ones struggling with their overall health and looking for an inside out long lasting transformation. Perfect plan if you are dealing with chronic fatigue, lack of motivation, digestive issues, brain fog, yo-yo dieting, aches and pains, poor sleep pattern, difficulties handling stress, difficulties creating new healthy habits. Perfect program if you are ready and motivated to get rid of unhealthy habits.

Remote session.

Sessions are monthly.

Remote sessions.

Sessions are weekly.

It will determine your exact body composition including accurate BMI, bone health, body mass and visceral fat.

Best way to determine your metabolic status.

Initial body scan and then every 6 months (0, 6 and 12)

Price is not included.

It will target optimal levels instead of “normal levels”.

Price not included.

Your gut health is vital for your overall wellness.

A gut microbiome analysis will identify the specific microorganisms that are present in your gut (the good and the bad ones).

This will help us to determine your specific needs and tailor your dietary lifestyle accordingly.

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